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Updated on 1st Dec 2008


A new desktop version of the Pali Tipitaka is now available for download from VRI´s Tipitaka website. It has been complied in Unicode fonts which are easily displayed on new computers. The version can also be easily installed on Windows Vista. The entire Pali Tipitaka can also be view online at the same site.

The older version called CSCD version 3 is also available for free download and distribution. It can be directly downloaded from the Tipitaka website and a CD created from the iso image available online.


The older version has the following features:

1. The CD-ROM-Version 3 contains 217 volumes of Pali Tipitaka, its Atthakathas, Tikas, Anutikas and other Pali texts. The text is in Pali and can be viewed in the following seven scripts :

1. Devanagari
2. Roman
3. Myanmar
4. Thai
5. Sri Lankan
6. Cambodian
7. Mongolian


Please note, it does not contain any translation in Hindi or English or any other language. Hence it is useful only to those who wish to read the text in Pali in various scripts. It installs easily on older version of Windows. It cannot be installed on Windows Vista.


2. A fast Search Engine.


3. Copy and paste facility. It is possible to select a portion of the text from the screen by dragging the mouse, and copying it to the clipboard. The text can then be pasted to any document in a word processor.


4. Any volume can be saved in a text file with Rich Text Format(Rtf) in any of the seven scripts supported by the CSCD and then opened in a word processor. There has been reported to be some difficulty for saving in Rtf format in some systems. But in most of the systems on which it was tested, it works all right.


5. A 32-bit version CSCD.EXE is available for installing on computers supporting 32-bit, so the software works much faster.


6. This version can work on the computers having Chinese Windows as the operating system. During installation, the install wizard gives the option to install it for Chinese windows.

7. There is a feature of opening any Sutta from the list of Sutta names of a drop down list.


9. A Thai translation for the Cscd is avilable. Click here to download the file. After downloading, the file has to be unzipped and then it can be opened in WORD for windows or other compatible software..


Please send your suggestions to:

Please note that only suggestions and complaints about older vers CSCD may be sent to this email address.

May All beings be Happy !!!

FAQ on the CSCD

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