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Publications and Research Papers
Vipassana Research Institute

VRI Publications


VRI has several publications in different languages. These can be puchased from the VRI at Igatpuri and also from book-sellers around the world. Information about where to buy publications is available at all Vipassana Meditation Centers.



You can also buy them online from this website. Click here to go to VRI's online bookshop


Some of the books can be viewed onine or downloaded for free as pdf files.


These are in English, Hindi and Farsi. Click here for a list of downloadable books


Research Journal of VRI

To download the Quarterly Research Journals of VRI, please click the links below:


Volume 1, October 2012


Volume 2, February 2013


Volume 3, May 2013


Research Papers

Over the years, VRI has published several research papers.

Click here for a topic-wise Index of all Research papers by VRI


Below are reports of some of the seminars held at Dhamma Giri.  

Vipassana -- Addictions & Health: Seminar held at Dhamma Giri from 28 Nov to 9 Dec, 1989


The Importance of Vedana and Sampajanna: Seminar held at Dhamma Giri in February 1990


Vipassana, Its Relevance to the Present World : Seminar held in 1994 at IIT New Delhi


Dhamma, Its true nature: Seminar held at Dhamma Giri from 6th to 8th May, 1995


Psychological Effects of Vipassana on Tihar Jail Inmates - research report by

Kishore Chandiramani, S. K. Verma and Prof P. L. Dhar - 1998


Research Paper on Inmates of Tihar Jail, Delhi: presented by

Dr Amulya Khurana and Prof. P. L. Dhar, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi - 2000


Impact of Vipassana in Government: presented by D.R. Parihar, I.F.S. Maharashtra cadre - 2004



Research on the Benefits of Vipassana by Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat

    This is not a VRI publication. To access this paper please click on the link above


A study of Vipassana Meditation on Adolescent Behaviour Pattern - by Raja Ridhi

A study of the effect of Vipassana meditation on Psychological Well Being of employees and impact of demographic factors on meditation outcome - Ms. Pradhan Seema, Dr Ajithkumar V.V - 2017


Everyone talks about Dhamma but no one understands it.
Practicing purity of mind--this is true Dhamma __ S N Goenka

Vipassana Research Institute
Vipassana Research Institute