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Index of Research Papers published by VRI

Buddha :The essence of His Teaching -Vedana and Sampajanna


Vipassana: The Unique Contribution of the Buddha


Why Vedana and What is Vedana?

The Importance of Vedana and Sampajanna

Vedana and the Four Noble Truths

The Significance of Vedana in Vipassana

Relevance of Vedana to Bhavana-maya Panna


Significance of the Pali Term Dhuna in the Practice of Vipassana Meditation


Types of Vedana and a State Beyond Vedana


Vedana in Paticcasamuppada


Vedana in the Practice of Satipatthana




Importance of Vedana


The Causes of Vedana


The Comprehension of Vedana, the Sambodhi of the Buddha


The Importance of Kaya-samphassaja-vedana in Vipassana Meditation


Samisa and Niramisa in Meditation


Sampajanna-the Constant Thorough Understanding of Impermanence


The Parinnaya of Vedana


The Importance of Vedana and Sampajanna in Vipassana Meditation


The Four Sampajanna


The Buddha and His Noble Path

Vipassana and Vedana as Understood by a Novice


Importance of Vedana and Sampajanna in the Vipassana (Insight) System of Meditation

Vedana and Aniccasanna of Vipassana in the Pali Text


Kamma and Vedananupassana


The Impact of Thorough Understanding (Sampajanna) on Sensations (Vedana)


The Routine Duties of a Meditator: Sampajanna


Feeling and Right Perception in Vipassana Meditation


Dharma—Its Definition and Universal Application





Vipassana and Business Management


The Effect of Vipassana on the Work Environment





Anapana Meditation for Children

Education and Children's Courses


Holistic Education and Vipassana


A study of Vipassana Meditation on Adolescent Behaviour Pattern

Drug Addiction

Vipassana Meditation and Drug Addiction

The Cyrenian House Programme

Problems with Current Therapeutic Approaches for Alcohol-Drug Abusers and How Vipassana Helps Them

Vipassana in the War against Drugs



Pali - A Brief Overview


Pali Tipitaka as the Source of Vipassana


Psychiatry and Health


Vipassana and Psychotherapy

The Experience of Impermanence through Vipassana Meditation and the Maturation of Personality

Vipassana Meditation and Health

Vipassana and Psychiatry

Before and After: Six Case Studies of Improvement in Mental Health


Vipassana and Health


Vipassana Meditation:A Positive Mental Health Measure


Integrating Vipassana with Naturopathy- Some Experiences


Humanistic Psychology and Vipassana


Psychiatry and Meditation


The Value of Anapana and Vipassana in psychological and psychosomatic illnesses


Vipassana Meditation-A Clinical Model


Personal Experiences

My ten days with Vipassana-Personal experiences during the 1986 Conference


Vipassana -- My Experience



Society and Environment

The Relevance of Vipassana for the Environmental Crisis


Vipassana-Its Relevance to the Individual and Society


The Dhamma Path Through Relationship


Dharma—Its role in Current Social Problems

Vipassana—a Practical Solution

Dharma and Science



Vipassana in Jails and effect on Inmates


Vipassana Meditation Courses In Tihar Jail


First Vipassana Meditation Camp in Tihar Jail


Jail Courses and Vipassana


Vipassana in Jails: An Historical Review


Personal Account of an Ex-Prisoner Of Baroda Jail


Vipassana and Mental Health in Tihar Jail.


Psychological Effects of Vipassana on Tihar Jail Inmates

Research Paper on Inmates of Tihar Jail, Delhi


Role of Vipassana in Prison reform & reintegation of prisoners into society



Vipassana in Government


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