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Vipassana Research Institute
Vipassana Research Institute

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Home Page of the Vipassana Research Institute


The Pali Tipitaka website


About the Vipassana Research Institute


About Vipassana Meditation


             Vipassana Meditation Courses


             Code of Discipline for Vipassana Courses


             Hindi Code of Discipline in acrobat pdf format


             Vipassana Courses outside India


             Addresses of Vipassana centers


             Pictorial tour of centres with contact address and other details


             Schedule of Courses in India


Meditation Courses for Children


             Schedule of Children's courses in India and Nepal


              One Day, Three day courses and Group Sitting information  

             What Children have to say about Anapana Meditation


             Goenkaji answers questions from children


             Anapana courses in schools


             Application Form for Children's courses


Teenagers' course


             Application form (pdf format) : bilingual form


             Code of discipline (pdf format) : hindi, english


             Schedule of Courses in India (pdf format) : hindi, english


The Chain of Vipassana Teachers


Gotama the Buddha


             The Life of the Buddha


             The Teaching of the Buddha


             The Six Councils (Dhamma-Sangitis)


             The Spread of the Dhamma


             Edicts of Emporer Asoka


             Historical Places of the Buddha


             Vipassana Meditation


             The Teaching Today




Ven Ledi Sayadaw


Saya Thetgyi


Ven.Webu Sayadaw


Sayagyi U Ba Khin


Sayagyi S.N. Goenka


             About Goenkaji


             Goenkaji's Diary - His travel and program schedules


             Words of Dhamma from Goenkaji


             Goenkaji´s Travel reports


Dhamma Tapovana: The Centre for Long Courses


U Ba Khin Vipassana Village


The Global Pagoda


The Global Pagoda

Vipassana Newsletter


Vipassana Newsletter in different languages


Dhamma News: For latest news on Dhamma events


Dhamma Archives For discourses, articles by Goenkaji, his tour reports


             Dharma and Sectarianism


             Vedana - From Devotion to Direct Experience


             Qualities of the Triple Gem


             Sensation --The Key to Satipattana


             Yoga--as seen in the light of Vipassana


             Nasik Jail - Discourse for prisoners


             Goenkaji's Speech at the International Buddha Conference


             Goenkaji's Tour Report of South-East Asia


             Goenkaji at World Economic Forum,Davos, 2000


             Goenkaji addresses "Millennium World Peace Summit" at United Nations


             Tour of UK and USA, 2000


             The 2001 Gujarat Earthquake- a message


             Vipassana Yatra 2001


             Sri Lanka tour 2006


The Spread of Dhamma around the world (Archive material)


             The Rise and Spread of Dhamma in India


             The Spread of Dhamma outside India: From Scattered Seeds to Fruits


             The Spread of Dhamma in North America


             The Spread of Vipassana in Nepal


             Vipassana in Sri Lanka


             Vipassana Course in Mongolia


             Vipassana in New Zealand


             The Spread of Dhamma in Taiwan


             Vipassana in Australia


             Dhamma comes to the Middle East


             Vipassana courses for Police Cadets


             The Ackworth Leprosy Home Course


             Letters from Vipassana Course Participants


Dhamma Giri


             The Early Days at Dhamma Giri


             Getting to Dhamma Giri --Rail and Bus Time Table for Mumbai -Igatpuri


The Pali Tipitaka Project of the VRI


             The Making of the Chattha Sangayana CD-ROM (CSCD)


             Information on the Tipitaka Volumes in Devanagari


             Updates on the CSCD


             FAQ on the CSCD




Research Papers


             Index of Research papers on this web site


VRI Publications

             Downloadable books and pamphlets

Questions & Answers related to Vipassana Meditation




What's New on this site : The Vipassana site update guide


Vipassana Research Institute
Vipassana Research Institute