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Vipassana Research Institute
What's New at this Site
Vipassana Research Institute



This page is an update guide for this site. Various sections of this site are updated at different intervals.

 Newsletter : Updated every month.
The main article by Goenkaji in the newsletter is also added to the list of articles in the Dhamma Archives.

 Vipassana Patrika (hindi) in Acrobat pdf format : Updated every month.
The old issues of the patrika along with topic-wise bifurcation are also available.

 Vipassana Course Schedule: The schedule of courses in India is updated every month.

 Goenkaji's Diary Latest update on Goenkaji's travel and program schedule.

 Questions and Answers : A store-house of answers by Goenkaji. New material is being added to this page from time to time.

 Dhamma News : Updated regularly with information on Dhamma events around the world. .

 VRI Publications : The list is updated each time a new publication is added.


 Research papers : Contains new research articles updated from time to time


 Audio & Video CDs and DVDs : The list containing details of Goenkaji's course related and other discourses is updated frequently

 Dhamma Archives Discourses, new articles and Goenkaji's tour reports are being added to this page.


 Grand Pagoda, U Ba Khin Village and Dhamma Tapovan updates are put on the respective pages from time to time.



Vipassana Research Institute
Vipassana Research Institute