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founded by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin






Pāla- The Treasures of Dhamma


A short video on Pāla - The Treasures of Dhamma



Dear Family of Dhamma,

On the occasion of Guru Purnima & Kalyanamitta S.N. Goenka ji 's Centenary Year, Vipassana Research Institute is very happy to announce the Project 'Pāla- The Treasures of Dhamma'

As you all know that this precious Dhamma as maintained by the pure tradition of Teachers and given to us in its pristine purity by S.N. Goenka ji needs to be preserved, protected and passed on as it is to the future generations, for the benefit of many. There is a vast treasure of materials available in the form palm leaves from Myanmar, manuscripts, rare books, photographs, artefacts, audio and video tapes. This also includes rarest of the rare personal collections of Goenkaji. 

Summary of Pāla - The Treasures of Dhamma

  • Photos, images & negatives – over 20000 and 8000
  • Letters, Documents & Transcript – over 210,000.
  • Newsletters, Newspapers, Magazines – over 10000.
  • Diaries & Notebooks – about 500
  • Printed books – over 12000
  • Palm leaf & Manuscripts – Approx 28
  • Audio & Video collection – over 3000 tapes.
  • Paintings - over 130 large paintings being preserved on the Life of the Buddha.
  • Course application forms - over 12 lakhs (Some forms are from 1971!)

Hence to protect these materials from the risk of damage due to environmental conditions, the very project ‘Pāla’– meaning to preserve, to secure Dhamma teachings, a state-of-the-art conservation and preservation facility is planned, which is about 5000 sqft in area. The facility will have a temperature-controlled environment, storage facility which would be fire resistant and being constructed on a higher level it will be protected from water.

The project is estimated to cost around Rs 300 lac (USD $365,000 approx) hence any contributions towards this noble cause for the future generations would be of great merits.

Anyone can donate online through our website, mobile app, scan UPI QR Code, net banking or by sending a cheque to our address.

Please click link for various Donation Options: https://www.vridhamma.org/Donation-to-VRI

Donations to VRI are eligible for 100% tax deduction benefits to Indian citizens.

May all be Happy
Vipassana Research Institute