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founded by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin






Short Films

Few short films have been prepared on Anapana meditation courses for children. It documents modern children’s experiences with Anapana, the course process and its impact. Participants, parents and teachers talk about how Anapana helps in dealing with the pressures of school, family and everyday life. In simple language, they speak about the challenges of Anapana and the benefits: calmness, improved concentration and compassion.  The aim is to show the relevance of Anapana to young audiences. Old students came forward with various professional skills to work on different aspects of films. They donated time, talent and effort. The result is a moving account of how an ancient meditation technique can work today for children and people of any age.

Seed of Awarewness (English)

A short film on Anapana meditation for school children. 

(Copyright, California Vipassana Center)


Time to Breathe (English)

A short film on Anapana meditation for school children. 

(Copyright, 2008 UK Vipassana Trust)


Meditation for Young Minds (English)

Following video, filmed at a high school in Malaysia, provides details about Anapana courses in school.

(Copyright, Malaysia Vipassana Meditation Society)


Meditation for Hearing and Speech Impaired Children (English)

Short film on Anapana meditation for hearing and speech impaired children. It has been filmed at the centre in Pune, India with students from Ruia Special school.


The Compass (English)

This short film documents modern children's experiences with Anapana meditation.