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Free Dhamma Books from VRI

Stay at home and read inspirational books. Enhance your knowledge of Dhamma.

These PDF books are being offered as a donation from grateful students of Vipassana. If you wish to make a contribution to this effort, please click here.

May all those who read these books be benefited.  May all beings be happy.

Note - The downloaded book is for your personal use. We request you share the download information with others rather than share the downloaded books.

Pamphlet/Article Name Language Description Download
Tipitaka Related Publications
The Essence of Tipitaka English   View
The Mahasatipatthana Sutta Pali in Roman Script Contains the Pali in Roman script with an English translation of this important sutta. View
Hindi Pamphlets/Article Reprints
Sampraday Na Dharma Hai Hindi   Download
Dharam Darshan Hindi   Download
Chale Dharma Ke Panth Hindi   Download
Apana Antar Dekh Hindi   Download
Shasantantra Mein Vipassana Hindi   Download
Citta Samta Na Khoy
(Rajasthani dohas)
Rajasthani   Download
Dharam Sada Mangal Kare
(Rajasthani dohas)
Rajasthani   Download
Apano Karam Sudhar
(Rajasthani dohas)
Rajasthani   Download
Dhup chhanv ri zindagi
(Rajasthani dohas)
Rajasthani   Download
Man Ra Mail Utar
(Rajasthani dohas)
Rajasthani   Download
Dharma Kya Hai Hindi   Download
Dharma Ka Sar Hindi   Download
Dharma Ka Sahi Mulyankan Hindi   Download
Samata Dharma Hindi   Download
Dharma Ka Sarvahitkari Swaroop Hindi   Download
Samyak Dharma Hindi   Download
Satya Hi Dharma Hai Hindi   Download
Dhammageet Pāli Hindi Chantings with hindi translations (including those played in ten day course) Download
Kya Buddh dukhvadi thhe? Hindi Buddha was not a pessimist. This is explained in detail with examples. Download
Mangal jage grihi jeevan mein Hindi This book is concerning how a good householder should live to generate harmony in household life Download
Vipashyana ka pratham jail shivir - kendriya karagraha - Jaipur Hindi The Vipassana course at Jaipur jail was very inspiring to the inmates and associated people. The book describes their experiences in short Download
Tipitaka related publications Hindi Suttasaar - 1, 2, 3 Anguttara Nikaya - 1 Dhammapad Dhammavani sangraha View
Morning Chanting in Pali Pali - Hindi Translation of morning chanting played during 10 day course Download
Morning Chanting in Pali Pali - English Translation of morning chanting played during 10 day course Download
English Pamphlets/Article Reprints
What Senior Administrators Say About Vipassana - I English   Download
What Senior Administrators Say About Vipassana - II English   Download
What Senior Administrators Say About Vipassana - III English   Download
Vipassana In Prisons English   Download
Vipassana — An Art of Corporate Management English   Download
Vipassana & Health English   Download
Vipassana in Government English   Download
Drug Addiction And Therapy: A Vipassana Perspective English   Download
How to defend the Republic English   View
Was the Buddha a pessimist English When Buddha's teachings were lost to India there was a misunderstanding that he was a pessimist. However this is note true - read this to understand with examples. View
Come People of the World English A collection of Hindi couplets (Dohas) chanted by Goenkaji during the 10-day Vipassana course (with English translations) View
Why was the Sakyan Republic destroyed? English The Sakyans did not follow the teaching of Buddha and were intoxicated with caste-pride which lead to their destruction View
Inner Peace for World Peace English   View
Buddha: The Super-Scientist of Peace English   View
Farsi translations
The Art of Living - by William Hart Farsi   Download
Come People of the World Farsi   Download
The Gracious Flow of Dhamma Farsi   Download
The Discourse Summaries Farsi   Download
Meditation Now - Inner peace through inner wisdom Farsi   Download
Healing the Healer & The Experience of Impermanence by Dr Paul Fleischman Farsi   Download
Vipassana Addictions & Health (Seminar 1989) Farsi   Download
Mahasatipatthana Sutta - Farsi Pāli Farsi   Download