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founded by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin








This richly illustrated coffee table book, “Vipassana – INNER PEACE FOR WORLD PEACE,” offers a thorough exploration of the impact of Vipassana meditation on various societal segments. It emphasizes the principle that societal transformation is deeply rooted in individual self-improvement and inner peace.
The book is organized into several chapters, each dedicated to a different societal area:
1. Vipassana in Business: Explores the application of Vipassana principles within the corporate and business sectors, highlighting how Vipassana practice can enhance decision-making, foster ethical leadership, and create a more harmonious workplace environment.
2. Vipassana in Government: Examines the integration of Vipassana meditation into governmental practices, potentially influencing policy-making and public service with an emphasis on ethical leadership.
3. Vipassana in Prisons: Details the role of Vipassana in prison systems, focusing on its effectiveness in inmate rehabilitation, behavior modification, contributing to reduced recidivism rates, and improving mental health.
4. Vipassana in Sports and Culture: Discusses the adoption of Vipassana meditation in the realms of sports and culture, emphasizing its benefits in enhancing focus, resilience and a balanced mind.
5. Vipassana in the Health Sector: Delves into the benefits of Vipassana meditation in healthcare.
6. Vipassana and Addictions: Explores Vipassana's role in assisting individuals to overcome various addictions by addressing the root causes of addictive behaviors.
7. Vipassana and Science: Examines the intersection between Vipassana meditation and scientific research, discussing studies that validate the benefits of Vipassana.
8. Non-Sectarian Nature of Vipassana: Emphasizes the universal, inclusive approach of Vipassana meditation, highlighting its relevance across diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.
9. Meditation for Children & Teens: Focuses on the positive impact of Vipassana meditation on the mental health of children and teens, including its role in managing stress, enhancing concentration, and improving interpersonal relationships.
10. Global Vipassana Pagoda: This chapter introduces the Global Vipassana Pagoda, situated near Mumbai, India, as a beacon of peace and a testament to intercultural and interreligious harmony. The section delves into its architectural marvel, highlighting it as the largest pillarless stone dome in the world. It emphasizes the Pagoda's significance as a symbol of gratitude towards Myanmar, acknowledging its role in preserving the teachings of Vipassana. The Pagoda also serves as a venerable tribute to Buddha, respectfully enshrining his relics. Importantly, it functions as a center for Dhamma, offering thousands of students the opportunity to benefit from meditating together, thereby serving as an important place for meditative practice and learning.
Throughout the book, each section is supported by factual accounts, anecdotes, and research findings, all embedded in an inspiring collage of rich pictorial heritage, providing a comprehensive view of Vipassana's multifaceted impact on society.

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Vipassana Research Institute
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Hard Cover
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