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founded by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin






1991 World Tour 

Goenkaji and Mataji began their tour this year with four days in England at the new center. They gave mettā at the conclusion of the first full 10-day course held at the new site which he named Dhamma Dīpa. Goenkaji addressed an Asian women's organization, and gave an evening talk to students and assistant teachers, emphasizing the significance of the new center for future generations.

They arrived in the United States in mid-July for a visit of one and a half months. Just before their arrival in Massachusetts, the the first floor of the new pagoda was completed with 65 meditation cells. Goenkaji and Mataji inaugurated the pagoda with a 20-day course, which ran concurrently with a 10-day course. Thirty-one students were able to participate in this long course because of the generous efforts of so many students over the last two years. This pagoda will provide proper solitude for students sitting long courses, self courses, and 10-day courses. While in the Northeast, Goenkaji gave three public talks and was the keynote speaker at a seminar for mental health professionals.

Goenkaji and Mataji next visited three new centers in the southern and western United States. At Dhamma Siri in Texas, he conducted an old students day, started a 10-day course and gave four public talks.

In California, at Dhamma Mahāvana, Goenkaji again gave the discourses for a 10-day course, and these were recorded on videotape. He gave a public talk, was interviewed for a Buddhist periodical and was the guest on an open-line radio program.

Before leaving the United States, Goenkaji and Mataji spent four days at the newly purchased center in Onalaska, Washington which he named Dhamma Kuñja, grove of Dhamma. They led two day-long sittings for students and assistant teachers, and Goenkaji gave two public talks in Seattle and Portland.

From North America, they continued their journey westward across the Pacific to Japan, Thailand and Burma.

(Courtesy : International Vipassana Newsletter, Sept. 1991 issue)