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founded by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin






Stories of Vipassana Centers

Vipassana centers across the globe are built by the voluntary donations and contributions of old students, who after experiencing the immense benefits of the technique themselves, wish to gift this wonderful technique to all the people around the world. Thousands of old students came forward to contribute, not only money, but also time, hard work, efforts and skills, independent of gender, race, religion or nationality. They had only one intention- to benefit as many people as possible, with the help of this wonderful technique. With the selfless service of these countless old students, grand dwellings of the Dhamma are established in India and around the world.

Above articles contain stories of some prominent Vipassana centers including the wonderful volition of old students in building them and the way in which they overcame all the obstacles on the path.